Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ito-ya and Gold Leaf Design Group

Ito-ya's Special Request

We love Japan. Darren's even run a marathon there. We also love Ito-ya. A magical store of paper, design, and stationery, Ito-Ya shares the same love we have for Charley Harper. For their new flagship store they wanted to create something truly special. They wanted something sleekly modern with an appreciation of the past. What better than a personalized clock featuring a glockenspiel and a one-of-a-kind Baffling Belly Charley Harper sculpture? 

We worked with Ito-ya and Seiko to upscale our Baffling Belly decorative sculpture. The originals are all hand-carved from a single piece of solid wood, but this one would have to do something the smaller models cannot do....move. This red-headed woodpecker had to turn its head and peck to mark the time. Drawings and specifications were exchanged and the model was delivered.

The next step was the movement construction and sound tests. Several materials with different resonances and tones were tested. The clapper's movement had to be synced up with the bird's you can see in these tests.

The result is a wonderful design that perfectly fits the aesthetic and feeling of Ito-Ya. We are so happy to be part of this project. Working closely with our customers to create unique pieces is one of our favorite things. And, of course, creating creatively design-forward decorative pieces is another. :-D 

If you're a retailer or interior designer, check out our Charley Harper collection or register on our site and browse all our offerings. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Providing the unexpected

Hilton Oakbrook Suites
At Gold Leaf Design Group, we love to experiment and explore, creating something truly beautiful that fits the space and vision of our clients. A great example of that is the design we installed onsite at the Hilton Oakbrook Suites for Looney and Associates. An explosion of color and texture, this patchwork permanent botanical design creates an eye-catching and functional divider.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gold Leaf at HD Expo Las Vegas 2016

We can officially mark another successful HD Expo off the books, phew! This year we showcased our newest planters, wall hangings and artful decor. Using a palette of beachy neutrals and mixing in luxury textures, we added visual excitement with our bold patterns, flowing grasses and our metallic wall hangings. It was definitely one of our favorite booth designs to date and if you know us at Gold Leaf, that's saying a lot! Scroll down now to check out the fan favorites.

Above: Wall Play and three new custom wall hanging designs. Left: Detail of our Mocha Ware vase with vibrant orchids set on our graphic Inlaid Stone Cube. Right: Inlaid Stone Spheres in stripe and check patterns. 

 Hanging Sponge Planters with our permanent Tillandsia. 

Linea planters and Wood Chain.

Coral Wall Play (TM) design with yellow cord. Inlaid Stone tables and sphere in background. 

Our permanent Weeping Willow in our Linea planter.

Arrangement of Orb Wall Play (TM) with Hanging Orb Planters and 
Polished Half Stainless Steel Balls.

Naoshima and Trapezoid planters with our permanent Bear Grass.

Bell Urbano planter with permanent Sansevieria with 
Gold Seed Wall Play (TM) wall accents.

Hanging Sponge Wall Sculpture and custom permanent green wall (succulents and echiveria). Custom wood planter with Talking Stick arrangement. 

Liriope Grass with custom walnut planter with stainless steel legs with 
Cactus Wall Play (TM) accenting the wall.  

Top Design: Kalanchoe stem with flowers in shadow box, custom painted with Pollen Wall Play (TM). Bottom Design: Custom wall hanging planter with Burro Tail. 

Thank you for checking out our 2016 HD Show Booth. We hope you were inspired! For quotes on any of the designs shown above, please contact us today:

Monday, April 25, 2016

Congratulations Beth Krupa Interiors

We keep close connections to our customers. We build relationships that span the years and many of them become friends as well. That's one of the reasons we love going to trade shows like the recent High point Market, it is a chance to reconnect and catch up. All of that goes into how excited we were to hear that Beth Krupa Interiors had won an award from the Interior Design Society. Beth is based in Connecticut, but has local connections...having gone to school at Loyola University Chicago...making us doubly excited.

We had a small part to play in this success, as she used our Cladded Brass Chest as one of the pieces but as you all know it isn't just having great is how you use it! And Beth is fabulous. Congratulations!