Monday, April 27, 2015

Sharing the #gldgLOVE

We recently joined Twitter and to celebrate, we decided to have a little contest. People from around the country tweeted us photos of their favorite Gold Leaf items...while at the High Point, in their stores, in their client's homes. We were so excited to see them. You folks are awesome and are doing great stuff!

We put the entries into a hat and pulled our winners.

10% discount on their next Order
- Baltimore Design Group
- Absolute Design Interiors
- Reside Home
- Kristen Petro Interiors
- Four Corners Home

Charley Harper Birds go to
- Home on the Harbor
- Kendrac Kole Interiors
- R Johnston Interiors
- San Francisco Design
- Karen Kole Designs
- Details Home Boutique
- Jessie D'Angelo Studio
- Sklar Furnishings
- Finnesterre

Thanks to all who participated and keep sending those photos in!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Quarterly Meeting & Rice Krispie Challenge

As we welcome April, we had our quarterly meeting here at Gold Leaf. And what better way to ring in a successful quarter than competitive baking! 

With loose guidelines and a lot of enthusiasm, our Gold Leafers competed in the categories of Best Taste, Best Presentation, Most Creative, and Best Overall. Using family recipes, original creations, and the best of Pinterest,  our team turned out some amazing treats. 

Pictured here are two of the incredible original entries. Recreated in rice krispies is a model showroom, complete with fiberglass duck, zen wall hangings, neon crystals, and rope wrapped kuwa in a barrel

Also pictured is a beaded Manzanita branch in planter, available from our Hospitality department. Check out the top photo for the life sized orange beaded Manzanita that this dessert was based on! Pictured left to right, Alex, Denny, Carol, Cathy, and Jose were the contest winners, but we all were winners in the end...sugar coma-ed winners.