Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Love for Wall Play

As we are designers/manufacturers/wholesalers...we are a step removed from the final customer of our products. We hear from store owners and interior designers that *their* customers love this or that, but we often do not get to hear directly from people who have the day-to-day experience with them. Of course that makes the times we *do* hear from people all the more special.

Sara wrote us about our gold 'Seed' Wall Play™. Her family's home had been featured in Austin Texas arts and culture magazine Tribeza. She took that opportunity to let us know what she thought of our modular little sculptures...
I randomly came across the wall play products and knew they were perfect for our space. We didn't want a painting but we wanted something with texture. The seeds are perfect and they were so easy to install. We walk by them every day and smile. I just love them.

Thank you for making such a cool product. I do boring technical work all day and I'm always so impressed with other peoples' creativity.

Keep creating!
Check out the article in the October issue of Tribeza. It starts on page 56. Their home is new construction but looks lived offers high design but is child friendly. A great example of playful sophistication...something we can get behind 100%.

Gold Leaf in the News

This was a busy month for us here at Gold Leaf! We were featured in 4 magazines this month, and we're excited to share. Not to brag, but we're pretty proud of it.  

We're pleased to be in Hospitality Design Magazine with our ceramic Athena vases. The calming blue and geometric pattern makes this a beautiful accent piece. 

Home Accents Today featured our Organic Glass bowl in this issue. Each piece is carefully handmade, giving each a unique shape and variety in color. With flowers or candles inside, or even as a sculptural piece, this glass is perfect in any space. 

Look for us in Interior Design magazine this month too! Our seed Wall Play was used with customized versions of our enamel bowls to create a sophisticated retreat in the Jewel Suite. 

Social media brought us a new project as well! While browsing through pinterest (one of my favorite pastimes) we're always looking for interesting uses of our products. 

This amazing house in Krakow, Poland used our Ball Chain as a staircase accent piece. 

Look for our 4th feature in an upcoming blog post!