Monday, January 19, 2015

Fantastic Chicago Talent

Interior designer David Hopkins has a problem...a most glorious one. He has an excess of ideas and an abundance of energy. How do we know? We looked at some of his work.

David wrote to us after registering on our website and shared photos of an apartment he sublets here in Chicago. The photos used our Beehive Wall Play in a beautiful installation, so we wrote him back to get the scoop on his work.

As it turns out, David rents 6 apartments. He sublets all 6 of them and uses them as personal, ever-changing canvases in which to explore and create. He keeps a collection of materials in his "hoarder's storage room" in the basement and swaps out pieces as needed or when inspiration strikes. He keeps himself in a 40-foot closet that is barely large enough to fit a twin bed. David finds it a cozy place to sleep and we're sure he doesn't spend much time in it..too much to do...too much to create.

His (sub)tenants love their high-fashion apartments. His management company does as well. They call him a "one-of-a-kind tenant" and look forward to charging a bit more in rent for the spaces once David has moved on. Of course if they read the New York Times article on David and his plans for the kitchen, we fear they going to be disappointed.

See David's awesome Wall Play™ installation below and check out more photos of this and his other apartments at Homepolish.

David Hopkins works for Interior Elements

Wall Play installation by David Hopkins