Monday, September 21, 2015

#gldgLove - Ball Sway & Agateware

We're always on the lookout for how our creative clients use product. 

Check out this pin from our friends at Gardener's Supply Company. Striking, elegant, and resistant to rusting, these sculptural pieces are perfect for indoors and out.

Stainless Steel Ball Sway is gorgeous when installed in a flowerbed or in a poolside planter or indoors in a floor vase. It looks great in a large organic cluster or spaced linearly get the idea. The design possibilities are nearly endless with this playful accent piece, inspired by nature. 

We love to see what our friends and customers are drawn to...but of course we also have our favorites. Today our staff pick features Agateware Collection. With its three sets of three, this Farmhouse Modern series is both attractive and economical.

The unique marbling comes from the technique of mixing light and dark clays when the piece is first formed. This traditional form of pottery creates a unique pattern every time. 

This collection works in any setting, from contemporary to classic.