Friday, September 23, 2016


“Geometric patterns are loosening up in a move that both rewards and challenges the eye. Pop Art and Op Art influences are evident, as is a kinetic, perhaps frenetic, vibe that seems to underscore the pace of everyday life.” - High Point Trend Watch

High Point Market is coming up and makes us think of IMC’s Trendwatch. One of the upcoming trends that IMC is exploring this year is Fragmentation. We started exploring it ourselves last season with our bold and graphic Inlay collection (shown top right above) and other pieces.

Fragmentation can be within a piece but also in the design of the space. Fragmentation is all about breaking up the grid but still keeping everything cohesive. Taking unrelated or contrasting forms and patterns and putting them together to make a united design. The display of the pieces can make just as much impact as the piece itself.

Take the Cell Console with Marble Top (shown middle right above).  The non-symmetrical base supports simple objects to create a visually interesting focal point without taking away from the rest of the room.  

Pattern play a huge part in fragmentation since it is so closely related to the grid. Mixing patterns or breaking up spaces with pattern is an easy way to add activity to your design. Using a simple patterned rug or wall piece will complete any room.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Want natural elements in your design but not all the mess?

Indoor gardens are becoming more and more popular. From Jungalow style (photos above) to green walls they are a great way to add natural details to your design. A potted plant, a grass in an urn, a succulent or orchid arrangement all have details that will enhance your design without taking up much space.

With real plants comes real responsibility. Live plants take time and care to keep them looking their best. Not just keeping them alive by watering but clipping, shaping, and cleaning.

If you want the natural look but not all the mess, permanent botanicals are the way to go. We have great custom designs and plenty of stock options available that require no upkeep or watering. We take nature as inspiration and strive for the most beautifully realistic permanent botanicals around. The permanent arrangements are designed by our horticulturist to appear how the real plant would act in nature.  

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